Mallorca Life Coach Sylvia Ennis


Mastermind Group


September 6th 2022
Portal Nous, Palma, Mallorca
6 April 2023
Calanova, Calvia, Palma de Mallorca
Workshop: "Health & Well-being Workshop"
Intro: Do you have health-related behaviors that you’ve been wanting to change for years? My workshops will provide you with the tools and strategies to make that happen.
March 2023
To be confirmed
Workshop: "Mind, Body & Soul Retreat"
Intro: Join our expert-led one day retreats which are designed to provide much-needed space to reconnect with your inner peace and thrive when you're back in the outer world.
7 February 2023
Portals Nous, Calvia, Palma de Mallorca
Workshop: "Power of a Vision Workshop"
Intro: Learn simple tools and skills to apply to your life to make sure you’re constantly growing and improving the way you think, live, love, work and relate. 90 minutes per session.
19 January 2023
Portal Nous, Palma, Mallorca
Workshop: Mastermind Group
Intro: Join our peer-to-peer mastermind mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. Let us help you find clarity.
12 January 2023
Calanova, Palma de Mallorca
Workshop: "Power Of A Vision Workshop"
Intro: Join me in exploring the art and practice of finding the strength to meet adversity by using the timeless teachings of surviving the storms of life.
August 2022
Westmeath, Ireland
Workshop: “Are you connected or disconnected Workshop”
Intro: A lack of connection with yourself often stems from exhaustion in general and you need to give yourself the proper care and love it needs. Come reconnect with me.